Comarch ERP XL is very flexible, and if necessary it can always be expanded and adapted to individual needs. Cooperation with Primaco Sp. z o.o. is very satisfying. I would recommend it as a reliable and professional business partner. ERBUD S. A. Grzegorz Bortnowski
Since we use the modules: Analysis, Retail, Invoices, Inventory - the processes related to the handling of sales have been significantly reduced. The high level of service centers of Primaco should be emphasized, which makes us not hesitate to recommend you cooperation both with the brand of ERP, as well as Primaco company. Baltona Dominik Ludwiczak
Comarch ERP Optima is clear and easy to use. Highly improves our daily work. The integration of various modules allows us to optimize the time-consuming company service, and ultimately - increase productivity. Department of Environmental Protection in Międzyzdroje Adam Celiński
Our cooperation with Primaco is very good. We are pleased with the work and expertise of consultants and services. The system has been tailored to our needs and expectations. We recommend you the Comarch ERP XL and company Primaco Ltd. Agrofirma Witkowo Tadeusz Żabski
Comarch ERP Optima has been efficiently implemented and fully adapted to the specifics of the company, without causing interference in the activities of the company during its implementation. Its unquestionable advantage is the modular design allowing you to expand your system as your company grows. PKP CARGO WAGON - SZCZECIN Ltd. Marianna Grzelak
We are pleased with Comarch ERP software XL. The system works smoothly and quickly. Company Primaco supports us very carefully. We recommend Comarch ERP XL software to all requiring companies. Sumara Ltd. Maciej Sumara
Implementation of Comarch ERP XL in our company has provided a modern management tools. Thanks to the implementation of the Comarch ERP XL, DEGA SA is a modern managed enterprise, with the participation of the latest techniques of computer science. DEGA S.A Emilia Modlińska
Comarch ERP Optima is a stable integrated IT system and allows us to analyze a lot of necessary information in the company. Fosfan S. A. Krzysztof Godlewski
The biggest advantage is that with the introduction of Comarch ERP XL the quality of work and speed of service has grown, which in the future will result in a better recognition of our company on the market. MERDA Processing Plant and Animal Slaughter Ltd. Daniel Szymanski

EU SUBSIDIES for SME’s sector

New EU budget for the years of 2014-2020

In 2014, a new financial perspective for 2014-2020 commenced, whose aim is to create possibilities for enterprise financing from the EU subsidies.

SME’s – major beneficiaries of the EU funds

The most important areas of support related to the new financial perspective and to which new allocations from the European Funds are to be made chiefly include:

gospodarka_2015.png zatrudnienie_2015.png spolecznosc_2015.png energetyka_2015.png edukacja_2015.png srodowisko_2015.png

Within the framework of the cohesion policy Poland received 85.2 b euros for the years of 2014-2020, which constitutes 23 per cent of the total pool of funds designated to the policy in the new EU perspective for micro and small enterprises. The EU funds invested in the following areas will provide significant support to this group of enterprises:

Support for entrepreneurs will come from three sources (operational programmes):

At the regional level, support for SME’s is planned within the scope of:

Investments in research, new technologies, innovations and competitiveness increase through implemented technologies constitute the main objectives addressed directly to the enterprises, to which nearly 16 b euro was designated. By 2020, with the assistance of the EU funds, outlays on research & development in Poland will have reached 1.7% of GDP (currently the figure stands at 0.9%). More information is available at


Lease for the purchase of IT systems

Lease for the purchase of IT hardware and software

For several years now, lease purchase in Poland has been one of the most modern and increasingly popular instruments intended for financing SME’s investments.

Lease can be used by both small and large business corporations. The tax solutions in force most frequently influence the choice of a type of lease and they provide substantial benefits to companies that decide to choose this instrument, namely:

Moreover, in the new financial perspective of the structural funds for the period of 2007-2013, lease becomes a qualified cost; this means that any purchase made with this form of financing can be reimbursed from the EU funds.

Cooperation with experienced leasing companies

Comarch SA is one of the forerunners in the IT market that provides its clients with the option of lease for the purchase of its systems through its cooperation with EUROPEJSKI FUNDUSZ LEASINGOWY and GRENKE LEASING AG GROUP.

Lease of investments starting from PLN 2500 net in cooperation with Grenke


Tech tax credit

for enterprises

Tech tax credit is available to entrepreneurs who purchased a technology in non-tangible form, such as rights to computer software, licences, patent or utility model rights, know-how and results of research and development.

Deduction of outlays is independent of the size of an enterprise.

Thanks to the Act on certain forms of supporting innovative activities of 29 July 2005 (Journal of Laws No 179, item 1484), from 2006 entrepreneurs investing in new technologies can benefit from state support.

The above-mentioned act introduces an instrument of tech tax credit on account of the purchase of new technologies. It involves a deduction of a portion of outlays incurred on the purchase of a new technology from tax base. The amount of allowed deduction must not be higher than the income obtained on operations conducted in a given year and it must not exceed 50% of the amount of expenditure related to the purchase of such a technology.

Who is entitled to a tech tax credit

The credit is available if an enterprise has purchased new technologies that have been used globally for not longer than 5 years and that enable the manufacture of new or improved products or services.

The purchase of new technologies is defined as acquiring rights to technological knowledge through the transfer or use of such rights. Therefore, the credit can cover licence agreements regarding the purchase of e.g. software (computer equipment is not covered by the credit). In such a case, one needs to prove that the acquired technology is innovative, has not been used globally for longer than 5 years and whose innovativeness has been determined with an opinion of an independent scientific institution.

Technological innovativeness of Comarch software has been documented with the opinion issued by the AGH University of Science and Technology and it fully satisfies the conditions of obtaining a tech tax credit.



Comarch S.A. in cooperation with IBM GLOBAL FINANCING created an innovative model of financing IT investment costs, including: hardware infrastructure, IT software, implementation services.

COMARCH FINANCING is the first crediting instrument in the financial market that allows to finance an entire IT investment project. It provides an option of financing IBM products as well as products of other suppliers of: hardware, IT systems and installation services, under preferential conditions.

Unique conditions of COMARCH FINANCING: