Implementation of Comarch ERP XL in our company supplied us with modern management tools. Thanks to the implementation of the Comarch ERP XL DEGA S.A. is a modern managed enterprise, with the involvement of the latest techniques of computer science. DEGA S.A.Emilia Modlińska
The biggest advantage is that with the introduction of the Comarch ERP XL has grown the quality of work and speed of service, which in the future will result in a better recognition on the market. MERDA Processing Plant and Animal Slaughter Ltd.Daniel Szymanski
Our cooperation with Primaco is very good. We are pleased with the work and expertise of consultants and services. The system has been tailored to our needs and expectations. We recommend you the Comarch ERP XL and Primaco Ltd. company. Agrofirma WitkowoTadeusz Żabski
We believe the purchase of Comarch ERP XL for a very good decision, if it wasn't for the XL we would not know what we have in stock. Comarch ERP XL is the perfect solution for us. Tedmark The Trade - ServiceTadeusz Smietana
The decision to choose Comarch ERP Optima was based on the research of market intelligence solutions and presentations conducted by Primaco Ltd. from Szczecin. I think that the most important advantages of this software are simplicity of its use and versatility. Food Processing Plant in Bobolice Szugalski MichalMaciej Arczyński
The specificity of the industry means that most of the commercial documents are issued in the night time. Thanks to the modern IT architecture, stable software, our system runs continuously. Meat Processing PlantIsabela and Zbigniew Grabowski

Primaco Waga Optima, Primaco Waga XL

Primaco Waga is a program allowing the supervision of editions from the magazine based on the inrun weight. The program cooperates with the systems Comarch ERP Optima and Comarch ERP XL. On the basis of data obtained from the weight pinned to a computer it is used to issue documents storage. The solution uses the customer base and the goods defined in the system, and there all additional information are stored such as the driver, weight or description.

Primaco Waga will cause better supervision of employees and contribute to a better flow of information.


Primaco ERP Mobile Warehouse

Primaco ERP System Mobile Magazine is a program dedicated for data collectors, streamlining the work of a warehouse keeper. The system is designed to automate the process of receptions, releases and transfers of stock. It also allows you to generate inventory documents to the already existing commercial documents.

Warehouse attendants through data collection devices equipped with barcode readers can carry out more efficiently and faster inventory. Customers have the possibility to adjust Primaco ERP Mobile Warehouse to the individual needs of the company.


Primaco ProWag

The Primaco ProWag is a dedicated solution for touch panels. It aims to streamline and automate the process of implementation and accountability of production. The module cooperates with barcodes and electronic scales, which allows you to control the raw materials consumed in real time. Its use together with Comarch ERP XL allows for efficient implementation of production and the account actual costs.

Appearance and functionality of the system Primaco ProWag depend in each case on individual customer needs and expectations.


Primaco wSklep

Primaco wSklep is a solution dedicated to the retail industry to support chain stores using cash registers. It enables the exchange of documents, like; orders, receipts, invoices, acceptance and release of goods, the state of registry between the company headquarters and shops. This results in a significant acceleration of order processing and full information about the state of registers in the individual stores. The system is additionally provided with reports and analysis necessary for everyday work of the person managing the sale.

The rich functionality is contained in modules which are individually selected by the customer.


Primaco iZwag

The program Primaco IZWag is mainly used in the food industry associated with the purchase of livestock and distribution of ready goods. The application consists of basic modules such as Purchase of livestock, Warehouse,
Releases, Returns.
Modules are used to input data of inventory purchase, handling ready goods taken from the production and service issues for customers. The software IZWaga can be connected to a weight, so that the information from production are transferred directly to the system. In contrast, inconsistencies caused by inaccurate weighing of raw materials are eliminated.