Comarch ERP XL is very flexible, and if necessary it can always be expanded and adapted to individual needs. Cooperation with Primaco Sp. z o.o. is very satisfying. I would recommend it as a reliable and professional business partner. ERBUD S. A.Grzegorz Bortnowski
Since we use the modules: Analysis, Retail, Invoices, Inventory - the processes related to the handling of sales have been significantly reduced. The high level of service centers of Primaco should be emphasized, which makes us not hesitate to recommend you cooperation both with the brand of ERP, as well as Primaco company. BaltonaDominik Ludwiczak
Comarch ERP Optima is clear and easy to use. Highly improves our daily work. The integration of various modules allows us to optimize the time-consuming company service, and ultimately - increase productivity. Department of Environmental Protection in MiędzyzdrojeAdam Celiński
Our cooperation with Primaco is very good. We are pleased with the work and expertise of consultants and services. The system has been tailored to our needs and expectations. We recommend you the Comarch ERP XL and company Primaco Ltd. Agrofirma WitkowoTadeusz Żabski
Comarch ERP Optima has been efficiently implemented and fully adapted to the specifics of the company, without causing interference in the activities of the company during its implementation. Its unquestionable advantage is the modular design allowing you to expand your system as your company grows. PKP CARGO WAGON - SZCZECIN Ltd.Marianna Grzelak
We are pleased with Comarch ERP software XL. The system works smoothly and quickly. Company Primaco supports us very carefully. We recommend Comarch ERP XL software to all requiring companies. Sumara Ltd.Maciej Sumara
Implementation of Comarch ERP XL in our company has provided a modern management tools. Thanks to the implementation of the Comarch ERP XL, DEGA SA is a modern managed enterprise, with the participation of the latest techniques of computer science. DEGA S.AEmilia Modlińska
Comarch ERP Optima is a stable integrated IT system and allows us to analyze a lot of necessary information in the company. Fosfan S. A.Krzysztof Godlewski
The biggest advantage is that with the introduction of Comarch ERP XL the quality of work and speed of service has grown, which in the future will result in a better recognition of our company on the market. MERDA Processing Plant and Animal Slaughter Ltd.Daniel Szymanski

Comarch ERP Optima

Program to support small and medium business

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Comarch ERP Optima is a software designed for small and medium businesses proving itself in every industry. Thanks to the modular design the customer autonomously decides what range it has to cover. The system along with the increase of the company can be easily expanded.

Choosing the Comarch ERP Optima you work on a single database so that once the data is entered, it is automatically seen by other users. Additionally, the system can be equipped with a module for detailed analysis and mobile solutions for retailers or warehousemen.

The program is also available in the service model in the so-called.: “Cloud”. Customer choosing this solution, thanks to a regular monthly subscription fee gets access to the software via a web browser.

Comarch ERP Optima provides additional free promotion of your company and the products offered on the purchasing portal

Comarch ERP Optima due to its elasticity is the system of choice for small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland. Currently, it is used by more than 50,000 customers.


Comarch Altum ERP

business intelligence platform

Comarch Altum ERP is a system that combines the latest information technologies with the knowledge and experience collected by the 20 years existence of the Comarch company. This system is a modern, intelligent ERP platform, which has a built-in workflow and detailed analysis of Business Intelligence. The solution is dedicated to medium and large retail and service businesses and retail chains.

With the ready mechanism of Workflow you have the possibility to automate many activities in the company, and the document flow is systematized.

Companies with a chain of stores can expand the platform for the software Comarch ERP Retail, streamlining and accelerating the current customer service at points of sale.

Comarch ERP Altum is a multi-lingual application, therefore since 2009 is ideal for the markets of Western Europe, including France, Germany and Austria.


Comarch ERP XL

A program to support large and medium-sized enterprises

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Comarch ERP XL meets the specific needs of manufacturing, commerce and dealing with service / maintenance activities from various sectors of the economy. The system is dedicated to functionality for each industry, as well as e-commerce tools, business intelligence and collaboration with Edi systems.

Companies wishing to minimize the workload resulting from customer orders can expand the system by B2B platforms – Comarch ERP Contractor Desktop. Comarch ERP Contractor Desktop operates via a web browser, and thanks to its multilingualism is also ideal for foreign customers. It is also available as a monthly subscription in the service version.

Comarch ERP XL is fully adapted to national and international economic realities, including the European Union standards, therefore it has been implemented on 4 continents and 30 countries.

Comarch ERP is a software which is used by more than 4,000 customers from various industries and has for years been the most frequently chosen ERP class system in Poland.