Employees of Primaco implemented Comarch ERP Optima software quickly and efficiently, and most importantly coped with our requirements. We strongly recommend Comarch ERP Optima software as an efficient system to manage the company. Medis Andrzej Rybkiewicz Ltd.Andrzej Rybkiewicz
The purchase of iMed24 system was the right choice, and certainly we will work on it over the following years. We can confidently recommend the system iMed24 as an excellent support system for activities of a medical facility. Euroklinika Sp. with o.o.Katarzyna Depa-Dębowska
OptiMED24 system allows us to electronically register patients by our staff, as well as by telephone and Internet. The program greatly facilitates the daily work of our medical facility. Cardiology Center "AMICOR" Sp. with o.o.Wieslaw Piotrowski

Medical centers

Comarch ERP Optima + OptiMED24

Through a combination of Comarch ERP Optima and OptiMED24 was established a comprehensive solution that ensures high quality of patient care and allows for professional management of a medical institution.

Medical centers gain access to online registration of patient and manage working hours of doctors. This solution saves you time and reduce errors associated with signing many patients for one appointment. Each medical facility strives to provide its patients the best service. Guarantee of smooth functioning of healthcare organizations, regardless of its type and size, is to automate the flow of information.

Integration of OptiMED24 solutions with Comarch ERP Optima enables the optimization of internal processes in a medical facility, therefore the facility management becomes more efficient. OptiMED24 system is simple to use and the benefits from its  mplementation are visible almost immediately.